Prestige Design - Fabulous Las Vegas, Trends Tendences
April Issue, 2011 - Montreal, Canada

Featuring Fute Design's Reverie Tent - Fut�, in French, means smart, sharp and clever. It�s the essence of how we work. With fresh ideas and innovation, we are setting trends today and shaping those of the future.

Steven & Chris - Small Balcony Chairs
March 2011 - Toronto, Canada

The Canadian CBC's Steven and Chris is popular for their personalities and expertise on lifestyle advise including home decor. The minute the weather gets warmer, we can't wait to be lounging outside! Designer Jo Alcorn showed us her 5 favourite outdoor loungers."The Luft Chair from Fut� Design is the ultimate in chic outdoor design."

Prestige Design - Trends Tendences
April Issue, 2010 - Montreal, Canada

Featuring Fute Design's three newest collections for outdoor: Morez, Fiore & Reverie. Something truly different and unique yet very comfortable and durable. With fresh ideas and innovation, Fute Design continues to set trends today and to shape those of the future.

Fine Gardening - A daybed to dream about
February Issue, 2010 - Connecticut, United States

"Picture this beautiful Genie Daybed tucked into a private corner of your garden. Crawl in with a good book and a glass of iced tea - or perhaps a very good friend"
September 2009. Fut� Design hosted an unforgetable evening of Design & Art Fusion embracing Habitat For Humanity to raise awareness in building a stronger and greener community with collaboration and innovation. Bask in the glow of creativity and style in a night of cocktails and entertainment, a spectrum of special guests were featured such as fashion designers Thien LE and Thieves by Sonja den Elzen, CORE Architects, II By IV Designers, artists Nancy De Boni and Jacqueline Treloar, and photographer Sai Sivanesan, all of whom have made a prominent mark in the world of design and art today. All donnation collected at event and all proceeds from the goGreen Silent Auction was contributed to the causes of Habitat for Humanity. Thank you to the generous sponsors Steam Whistle, Santa Rita, Dine N Vines and Mont Fort.

House & Home - Dreamy Chair
April Issue, 2009 - Toronto, Canada

The Genie Chair and Daybed by Canada's Fut� Design doubles as a fantastical focal point for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Steel frame with woven banana fibre & seagrass (for indoors) or synthetic fibre (for outdoors).

Prestige Design - Trends Tendances
April Issue, 2009 - Montreal, Canada

Featuring Amata Daybed and Sampan Daybed for outdoor oasis. Designed by Tony Gonzales. Sampan Daybed can be seen in a few tropical five star resorts in Miami & Honolulu. The indoor versions made of banana fiber and seagrass are also available.
The Green Gala 2008
Where Fashion Takes Action (FTA), Fut� Design is there to support. We are proud to be a sponsor of the Green Gala organized by FTA, a Canadian members-based organization that aims to support and strengthen the sustainable fashion industry. The 2008 Green Gala took on the theme of Midnight in the Garden, featuring 10 of Canada's top fashion designers, each working with sustainable fabrics. The designers are: Thien Le, Evan Biddell, Zoran Dobric, Nada Yousif, Carrie Hayes, Eugenia Leavitt, Jason Meyers, Aime Luxury, Damzels and Thieves. - Canadian Cool: Cocooning With Fut�
Nov 07, 2008 - Canada

Nobody does lounge like Fut� does lounge. One of my favorite Canadian d�cor specialists, Fut� Design threw itself a cool, casual party last night to celebrate the launch of its new Cocoon line of daybeds and loungers. Designed by Tony Gonsales, the collection more than lives up to Fut��s high standards and exotic aesthetic.

L'Or�al Fashion Week - Spring Collection 2009
Fut� Design was a sponsor of Project Runway Canada winner Evan Biddell's after party at the Burroughes Building.

Dezona Sign - New Furniture Extravaganza by Fut� Design
September 16, 2008 - Bulgaria

The Canadian company Fut� Design presents some of its latest furniture designs. Many of the items have both indoor and outdoor versions, using completely different materials for appropriate environment. Most of the products are hand-woven, carved, and finished by skilful artisans.

Design Lines - Fut� Design
Fall Issues, 2008 - Toronto, Canada

Lighting and indoor-outdoor furniture are the focus at this modern, Asian-influenced store. Most pieces are hand-finished and made from such natural materials as abaca, rattan and lawaan wood. Check out the outdoor easy chair, part of the Onda collection, along with Retro's outdoor coffee table. As for indoors, don't miss the Soleil daybed and the Cara line of coffee, dining and end tables. Tango, Paca and Sapa lighting fixtures are handmade to charming effect.

FA�ADE - an annual black and white gala by Design Exchange (DX) - October 2008
As a corporate member, Fut� Design sponsored the event by donating to the Silent Auction to help fund raising in supporting the cause of this non-profit organization. The evening was bound to be brimming with the who�s-who of the design and fashion industry. - Furniture & Lamps: Fut� Design
Aug 27, 2008 - USA

Fut� (in French) means clever, smart, and sharp. Fut� Design is a Canadian company with a unique flair for creating modern ethnic designs. - Shop: Fut� Design
July 15, 2008 - Canada

There�s something otherworldly about some of Fut� Design�s indoor/outdoor furniture and original lighting. Organic shapes rendered with traditional basket weave techniques in materials like rattan, bamboo and abaca reference the Far East (where the manufacturing is done) yet many of the designs have a modern, almost sci-fi quality to them...

Elle Canada - Elle Loves June because It's Wild (p. 30)
June Issue 2008 - Canada

Get wild, child, with chic county inspired by the heart of Africa. Jungle fever - even wild things need to chill out. Featuring the Soleil Lounge Chair designed by Quynh-Tran from Fut� Design.

Designer Guys III - Indoor Outdoor: Cold to Comfy
Season III: Episode 10 - May 2008 - Canada

Zahinoor (Zain) is a newcomer to Toronto and is trying to settle into a sleek new condo in the theatre district. This condo is high up in the sky and the view of the skyline that encircles it cannot be ignored when making design choices. Zain is a warm, outgoing guy with a ton of interests beyond his important career. He bikes around the city, is crazy about music and quickly joined a band when he got to Toronto. He has a sharp sense of humour, a generous spirit and a broad social circle already. He is an accomplished party host, but has yet to entertain in this big city. The Designer Guys need to get our bachelor out of the small town and more fully into the style of his downtown condo in the sky.

Style at Home - A New Beginning(p. 132-139)
December Issue 2007 - Canada

Featuring the Amaya Dining Table on the front page. An outdoor version of the same table is also available. "I like to emphasize different textures: shiny against matte, smooth agianst rought. It adds interest and depth to a room" said Elle Jungkind, the interior designer.

House & Home - Sun Worship Lounge (p. 54)
December Issue 2007 - Canada

Sun Worship Lounge in style with the aptly named Soleil Console, Armchair and Chaise by Toronto's Fute Design; they're decorated with swirls of earth friendly abaca.

Chocolat - 25 Fabulous Chairs (p. 92-97)
First Issue, October 2006 - Canada

EAST MEETS WEST - featuring Terra Chair (1), Dimple Stacking Chair (8), Figaro Rattan Chair (12), Dragnet Chair (13) designed by Kenneth Cobonpue and Soleil Center Chair (18) designed by Herman Sanchez.

Lush - Divine Design for Form and Fashion - Fut� Design (p.40-41)
Summer 2006 - Canada, United States, France

Fut� Design is fashion forward furniture. From the French word for "smart" and "sharp", Fut� incorporates cutting-edge design with intelligent, traditional styling and natural materials like rattan, bamboo, abaca, and wood, resulting in a product that is unlike anything its predecessors could have foreseen... (by Lonelle Selbo). Photos taken by Craig Staples with Model Marcus (Nam).

Style at Home - Living Room to Dining Room (page 101)
March 2006 - Canada

Terra Chair: laminated leather chair on wood with crocodile print.

Designer Guys III - Bohemian Lounging
Feb 14, 2006- Air on HGTV Canada at 8:30

The Designer Guys are one of Canada's hottest design teams. With backgrounds in fields as varied as architecture, engineering, and landscape architecture, they have quickly risen to prominence in the always competitive world of design. Anwar, Matt, and Allen are principals of Toronto-based design firm Precipice Studios Inc. who are responsible for award winning Liberty Market Building, Lobby Restaurant, Banzai Sushi, and Salon Jie.
Fute Design featured most of the pieces selected by the Designer Guys for the Leslie Gibson Guestroom and Deck episode will air in December this year. Look for the following items: Amaya Dining Table, Kai Lantern, Ikat Sidechair, Dimple Stacking Chair (by Kenneth); Vine Bench, Bird's Nest Pendant, Bangka Chaise Lounge (by Herman); and Piedra Terrazzo Lamp, Water-hyacinth Rug (by Tran).

Gardening Life - By Canadian House & Home
Jan/Feb 2005 Issue- Distributed in Canada
Front cover

Featured on the front cover is the dimple stacking chair from our Amaya Collection. The rattan peel is skillfully handwoven on a metal frame forming a pleasing pattern. Its dark finish contrasting the stainless steel legs shows a prominent attitude in its environment. The two dimples from its arms allow you to stack the chairs together to save spaces when necessary.

Azure Magazine
Jan/Feb 2005 Issue- Distributed in Canada, United States & Europe
Review Section

Featured in the review section is the terra chair from our Savvy Collection. The chair's special technique of leather lamination on a wood base creates an unique character and a fresh look. The leather is reconstituted and can be finished in various colours and prints (crocodile, elephant, walrus).

Design Lines Toronto
Spring 2005 Issue- Distributed in Toronto
Review Section

In the Uptown Section, also featured the dimple stacking chairs.

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